Frequently Asked Tax Preparation Questions

Q: How much do you charge for our first meeting?

A: I consult for the first hour for no
charge. In this way we are able to ascertain the services you need from
me and compatibility.

Frequently Asked Tax Services Questions

Q: What tax services do you provide?

A: We provide tax preparation and planning for:
Personal Income Tax
Corporate Income Tax
S Corp Income Tax
Partnership Income Tax

Non Profit
401(k) 5500

Frequently Asked Small Business Tax Questions

Q: Do you help small businesses?

A: We can help many small businesses by advising as to the best type of Entity to be, tax planning, budgeting, business tax preparation, and record-keeping.

Frequently Asked Quickbooks Questions

Q: Do you know anything about Quickbooks?

A: I have worked with Quickbooks since 1994
and I am a Quickbooks advisor. I can start up a company, clean up
records and train on quickbooks.

Frequently Asked Payroll Services Questions

Q: Do you offer payroll services?

A: I can help you with compliance issues, year end reports, quarterly reports and varied pay periods or for payroll itself.

"Anna has been my personal tax advisor and business tax CPA for several years. Her tax accounting expertise as well as business tax preparation and planning has made a huge impact on our decision making. I have counted on Anna to just take over the mundane accounting and tax tasks so I can focus on my business. She has provided me multiple services over the years and I am a very satisfied customer."
Mark, Lakewood Co